Note taking for the next decade is a powerful yet simple note taking web app that works on top of your locally saved Markdown files.

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Fully offline Open source No data hostage

Own your notes keeps all your notes locally in a folder of your choice as plain Markdown files.

No data hostage Your notes stay securely in your computer's local folder, giving you the power to own your data and do whatever you want with it.
Markdown Automatically saves your notes in simple human-readable Markdown format, a format designed for humans and not machines.
Works offline is a modern web app that does not need the internet to work. You can also install it as an app to get native functionalities.

Organize notes

Whether you are a folder person or a backlink gardener has you covered.

Rich editing provides a clean WYSIWYG interface so you can focus on your notes.


Why should I use

If any of the following strike your interest then you should give a try:
  • You want to keep your notes on your computer under your control.
  • You like Notion / Google doc style WYSIWYG UI interface.
  • You find split screen and multi-tabs interface helpful while taking notes.
  • You have Markdown notes lying around.
  • You care about powerful note taking features.
  • You want to support a small indie project.

Where are my notes stored? saves your notes in a folder of your choice in your computer. does not track or analyze you or your data. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

How do I backups my notes? leaves this up to you! Notes under are just any other file, so backup them along with rest of your other important file. That said, we recommend using git for a version controlled backup.

Is there a desktop app?

Yes, you can visit and click on top right install button to install it as a PWA. Please read this for detailed instructions.

Does work offline?

Yes, works offline.

What is the browser requirement? currently works in Chrome or Edge because they support Native File Storage API. If you cannot use these browsers, we recommend downloading the app.

Is free and Opensource? is free and Opensource. We plan to keep the main product free. For a sustainable future, we can consider providing addon services to financially support the development for those who can and want to.